Pointy Faces concentrated liquid shampoo (100ml)

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Made using organic coconut and olive oil, Pointy Faces shampoo cleanses whilst being gentle leaving your dog’s skin and coat clean, healthy and happy. These shampoos are free from nasties including colours, fragrances and chemical foaming agents. Even the essential oils are certified organic.

The unscented range does not contain essential oils making it suitable for more sensitive skin, younger puppies and pregnant or nursing bitches.

Organic neem oil is the superhero of ingredients when it comes to dog care due to its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties and high levels of antioxidants. Neem oil and lavender essential oil are widely used to help soothe itchy, red, sore, dry skin and to help deter ticks and fleas. Making the neem and lavender range the perfect choice to encourage and improve skin health.

The cooling organic peppermint essential oil can help to nourish dull skin and improve the texture of oily or greasy skin and coat. Peppermint oil can help to increase blood circulation which can in turn promote healthy and shiny hair growth.

Fresh and zesty organic grapefruit essential oil can help to eliminate unpleasant odour, rebalance greasy coats and further assist in removing dirt to promote a fresh and clean coat the natural way!

Frankincense is widely used as an emotionally calming and soothing essential oil. It’s thought to help reduce stress and anxiety and aid a peaceful night’s sleep. Making our frankincense range a perfect choice for anxious dogs. This is not to mention it’s potential skin healing abilities!

Pointy Faces liquid shampoos are concentrated so that each bottle provides you with double the amount of washes helping to save you money and bottles. Don’t forget to recycle your bottle once finished!